Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3/12/13 My Robin Tree

So early morning walks thus far have been in the dark and in the snow. This morning there was not only snow on the ground, but snow falling from the sky. Sunrise was a gray affair anyway, as I was taking Sam to school. 

But as I was pulling back in, I spotted a tree at the corner of my street that was bursting with robins. There had to have been a dozen of them flitting around it. I parked and walked back to the corner to watch them, briefly (still snowing) and then headed inside. 

My windows upstairs in front of my desk face the big tree out front. I had grabbed a cup of coffee and a banana for breakfast and sat down when I realized all the robins were arriving in my tree. I guess they followed me.

Then a squirrel got in on the action, chasing them off of branches. And finally, what appeared to be a woodpecker of some variety was skulking about the lower trunk, too, pecking around. He's an odd bird.  All in all, very hard to get down to work this morning.


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