Saturday, March 23, 2013

3/23/13 This is Spring?

Katy's coat gets shaved, so naturally we get snow, and lots more than predicted. As opposed to the all-week-warnings from two weeks ago, this was one of those, "meh, not much snow total anywhere but the mountains" kind of forecast. Our place has gotten 10" so far. I-70 east of Denver into Kansas is now closed; I-25 is closed north of Denver with a 50 car pileup; and I-25 south down around Pueblo was closed. It's a really good day to be in front of mom and dad's fireplace after a very quick walk in the snow, once it calmed down this afternoon.

Since the walk was only around the house, Katy came with. 
That hip splayed out under her is typical of late-stage arthritis.

Peeking sun in the west.

The tulips are happy. They love the snow before they bud. 
(The enclosure is the only way to keep the deer from eating them.)

From up top

From down below. I had put the pups inside the fence since it was so slippery and Katy is so wobbly.

And where we plan to stay the rest of the day.


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