Friday, March 8, 2013

3/8/13 The Morning Before the Storm

Forecasters are going back and forth, 14"!, wait, no, maybe more like 7"... no, take that back, at least 12"...

We'll see. It's due to arrive in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, so the weekly shopping will be done tonight, which will probably reduce the snowfall total considerably.

This morning, before the clouds turned gray, we had a nice sunrise 

and a bit of hawk chasing. She is really very camera shy. I'd hold the iPhone up, and off she'd go, to the next tree, and then watch to see if I would follow. I'm hoping this wasn't a Lassie scenario, because, if so, I totally blew it and Timmy is staying in that well. In that case, we're getting two feet of snow tomorrow.


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