Monday, July 15, 2013

7/15/13 the blog lapse

Got this from my daughter last night...

So, let's get back to business.

The next few weeks are insane. I'm covering for an on-call administrator on the west coast for the next two weeks, which means I'm tied to this stupid computer until almost 7:00 my time except for the couple of days I'd already arranged to be gone, you know, having a life, after 5:00. On Wednesday I'm wrapping up work (my East Coast dealers are done by 4:00 my time each day) and heading to Red Rocks with Amber to see John Mayer, providing our monsoon weather pattern doesn't rain us out. Last night, (blog post to follow) I finally had a chance to go out with Deana and catch up, as we hadn't been able to get together since early April and we ended up driving up to Red Rocks where I'd already known that the John Williams/Colorado Symphony concert had been cancelled due to the weather. I'd gotten a kick out of the inane complaints of ticket holders on the Facebook page about the cancellation (hours ahead of time, by the way) 

Here's just the first few:

So, yeah. The brilliant minds replying seem to think U2, etc have the same needs and instrument considerations as a full symphonic orchestra. 

So, Mayer will probably go on and if it rains, then we'll poncho up and carry on and have a great time, at least until the lightning gets going, at which point, they can carry on without me. 

Friday I'm leaving at the end of my regular day to book it over the airport and to catch the evening flight to Tampa, arrive in the wee hours of Saturday morning, get a car, and drive to Ringling to see Sam's closing art show/awards thing, get her packed up and out of the dorm, send boxes and drawing boards via UPS, and then haul across the peninsula that afternoon to spend the hours until closing at Harry Potter World in Universal, before driving all the way back to Tampa in the wee hours of Sunday morning, to return the car and catch our 8:00 am flight home. I will spend the rest of the day Sunday in a coma. 

Monday Steph and her girls pass back through and spend the night, which will be more interesting than when they were here last week, as Sam will have reclaimed the basement, putting Nick back into his bed, and nothing but couches left for company. We'll revisit that scenario when Melissa and Heather are here a week later for my birthday weekend. On Wednesday of next week, it's back to the airport to pick up Emily, who's staying with us for the rest of the summer from Oregon. On Saturday the 27th we're in the Springs for Mom's birthday, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and visits. On Sunday we're at the Renaissance Festival: Bob, Nick, Sam, Emily, Heather, Melissa, and Me with a few others whose rides I am not responsible for. The following weekend I'm flying out Thursday to Austin, road trip with Marci and 25th class reunion in Houston all weekend. 

And that about covers the next two weeks, at least according to the calendar. Just thinking about it makes me want to crawl into the fetal position and take a long nap. But really it's all good fun . . .  and I can sleep when I'm dead. 

Plus, there'll be plenty more to blog about.


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