Friday, July 5, 2013

7/5/12 Sammi Ringling Update, Week 2

Sammi is at the halfway point and this week was better than the first, in terms of getting into the groove of things and not feeling quite so lost and overwhelmed. We all have that terrified "what have I gotten myself into" moment  but luckily hers passed pretty quickly.

On her first figure drawing class, a week ago, she was relieved to end up with the nude female model. 

And her TA, Taco, gave her a drawing, of herself. He nailed that smirk.

Monday, she went with Frank the Bird for her Computer Animation Primitive Animation project. Here's Frank in early stages: 

And Frank in his tree, from which he will be doomed to fall.

Tuesday, there was excitement over lunch (after a dismal showing of nothing she liked the day before). Plus one TA who announced they had to stay in open lab that night until close (11:00 pm!!) was defeated.

Wednesday her care package arrived.

The stool will help her manage to get up into the bed built over the furniture without pulling a muscle every time. It's also collapsible!

Yesterday was Form and Space Drawing, where they start with shading in the entire page in charcoal and then "drawing" with their erasers, pulling out the white space. Her instructor said she absolutely must spray/seal this and include it in her portfolio. (And he only said that to a couple of people.)

Last night there was a little 4th Celebration in the courtyard on campus, with S'mores.

And, then, it was Friday morning and that meant. . . Figure Drawing.

If you don't know the film America's Sweethearts, that last part is going to be lost on you. We speak in fluent film quotes.


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