Monday, July 15, 2013

7/15/13 Sam's Ringling Week 3


and more skype.  

And Frank

I suggested after Frank's failed flight he chucked it all and ran off to Antarctica to join the other flightless birds, one of whom turned out to be a nearsighted mama who adopted Frank as her own. Then she sent me this.

 More nude drawing (lady again this week, which means guys for the last week...)

And form and space class (I told her this looks a whole lot like a dementor.)

Lots of charcoal everywhere

And animation

From Frank to . . .  legs?

Meet Howard:

And  architecture in Game Design:

I caught the influence of some of her Spanish mosque visiting in this one. 

On the wall: one postcard from me to Sam, the other from Emily's mom to Emily. Guess which is which...

Doodles that Sammi insisted I make certain everyone knows are her looking at pictures online.  I told her she has Bruiser to reference for this. 

Abstract Art

Modeling (pirate ship taking form)

An Art Opening

And lots of junk food.

 Just your typical pre-college adventure, at least for one more week. 


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