Thursday, February 13, 2014

2/13/14 Meet Mary Beth the Bowling Ball

I brought a new member of the family home this afternoon. 

It wasn't planned.

But I could not help it. 

In fact, I was the model of restraint when I first saw her on Sunday. I petted her and admired her but then put her back. 

But today, after having to go back to the Imaging place for yet another X-ray ordered by my doc, I said to Sam, "I'm going by Goodwill after -- you in?" (right next door) and of course she was and, of course, there she was, still sitting there, waiting for me to take her home. 

Meet Mary Beth:

She fits my hand perfectly, is the right weight, and still lives in her vintage case (also with 70s towel at the bottom). AND, they were having a sale, so she was only $7. Plus I already own bowling shoes. How do you abandon a bowling ball named Mary Beth with all that going in her favor? 

Answer: you don't. You just . . .  can't.

(yes, I actually went to get an x-ray dressed like this. 
I am totally over all of it. Let's go knock some stuff over!)


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