Sunday, February 16, 2014


Woke up to hurricane force winds at 5:30 this morning. (No, really, that's what they measured at the Air Force Academy north of Colorado Springs -- 74 MPH gusts). That didn't bode terribly well for our trip up to Victor in terms of staying outdoors a whole lot. 

stepped outside to snap a shot of the deer hunkered down from the wind

and here's what I looked like doing it:

But we set out for Victor nevertheless and I quickly learned another fun side-effect of round the clock Vicodin: I get terribly car sick on winding roads, even sitting in the front seat. I figured out that pushing my head back against the seat and keeping my eyes closed was the only way to make it there. For a girl who loves her mountain drives, this sucked.

Never so happy to get out of the car:

for the love of pete, really? What do these fresh pies possess that requires an apostrophe? The world will never know.

(your friendly apostrophe nazi)

Pie, singular, possessing nothing but yummy scrumptiousness

Sammi opted for the homemade brownie with almonds and cherries

You can guess what I had. 

After snapping these pictures and getting blown about something fierce in Victor, we headed up to the property for a quick inspection. 

Then had to drive another 90 minutes back with my head shoved against the seat and my eyes closed (I pulled the hat down over them, which helped. :(

We took a break at the house before dinner at the local Chinese restaurant, where Deana met me for an evening around Manitou, capped with an inability to choose a shared wine over a movie back at the folks'.

This is what non-compromise looks like.


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