Monday, February 17, 2014

Saltsman Siblings 1910-1940s

Next batch of scans are a more modern photographic process and have been preserved better. These are of the Saltsman siblings, children of John and Lessie, including Pearson, Laverne, Price, Wilson, Edith, and Travis. 

Price (left) poses in the annual "biggest and smallest" school picture for the annual. Although I'd guess he had to go through this every year, only two photographs survive.

Price and his class picture, possibly 8th grade? 
Price was born in 1910, so likely date here is 1924

Laverne and Price in a class picture, Price center back and Laverne, third from left front row

Laverne in high school, girls volleyball team

Laverne marked this one as well on the front. She is standing with her arms around Travis, with Lessie, John, Price, Wilson, and Edith just in front. Pearson is further to the left, about 6 from the farthest side, with his hand on the shoulder of the girl with the flower hat. The occasion is a family reunion in Alabama, circa 1920. The grave in the foreground is that of L.F. Saltsman and everyone in this picture is his descendant. At this writing, another 40 years after this picture, the descendants numbered over 200.

Another shot from the same reunion of the Saltsman boys:
From left: Jim (James, John's half brother by L.F.'s first wife), Paul, Horace, Jeff Davis (half-brother by his mother's first husband), John F., and Barker (that's Foradice!)

The next series are in very bad shape. I'm not sure what the process was on these, but they are peeling terribly and have turned a dark silver. This was as good as I could get them.

This is Lessie with, I think, Edith. 

This is possibly Travis in the center. 

This appears to be the same background as Lessie and Edith, only a bit further back so that you can see the gazebo and lake. But if that was Edith above, who is this? Not the same face or dress. 

Laverne and Pearson, the two oldest, probably in their teens

Price and his mama, Lessie, at their home. Lessie died in 1950, so this is probably late 1940s

The surviving siblings, from left, in adulthood: Wilson, Laverne, Preason, and Price
late 1940s


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