Monday, February 17, 2014

2/17/14 re-scan excitement

I took the box of photos with me after visiting Mom and Dad's this weekend in the hopes of having another go at scanning with better settings and a little more practice under my belt. 

I have to say, I'm really pleased with the results. The example above is in such a high resolution that I would only be able to display a quarter of the photo in its original size here.

That's my granddad in the fedora, second from right, in 1929
He'd have been 26 years old here.

The detail of the photo enlarged is lovely, from the "An Old Friend: Arbuckles Coffee" tin sign on the porch, to the Tender Pack of Turnip Greens on top of the Wesson Oil box, and the stacks of Carnation Milk, and Farmer Boy Syrup, Maxwell House Coffee, B.T. Babbit's Concentrates, Giant Lye, and the Mother's Crushed Oats, which was a predecessor to Quaker and often came with actual china packed inside the oats or coupons to mail away for entire sets of cutlery, rings, toys, pens, or "the latest thing: table decoration!" 

So you can look forward to quite a few posts of really old photographs in the near future, both here and, if I'm successful on my trip this week, on the South Belt blog as well. 


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