Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday in Breckenridge

the clouds melted away and the sun warmed things up right nicely!

walking down to lunch



So after this amazing lunch, we needed to get just a block up the street to City Market to get Courtney some more cold meds, replace the selzer water in the fridge of the condo, grab a couple of things for dinner. But then we realized, the gondola we wanted to ride was right next door, and here we were with a 12 pack of cans of selzer and a bag of groceries that needed to be walked all the way back to the condo. We decided to just carry it with us, see if we could find a locker, and check out the view.

 Cjo opened the selzer so she could take her cold meds. And, since we always end up with a story, as Courtney exited the gondola, the box of selzer broke apart in two pieces, 11 cans going everywhere. The gondola doesn't really stop, it just slows down. The guy on duty was able to grab 10 of the cans for us, but the 11th was busted open. We now had two side of a cardboard 12 pack, 10 cans, a bag of groceries, and, as it turned out, no lockers for less than $10. And the 10th can turned out to be leaking! A nice guy at the grille at Peak 8 where we'd exited provided us with a bag to wrap up the 9 survivors, which we toted around just enough to realize the view wasn't all that spectacular unless we got on the ski lift, which wasn't happening. So back on the gondola we got, back down, and walked those groceries back to the condo.

It had gotten really warm, so we shed layers before heading down to Main Street for what was supposed to be an Arts and Crafts fair we missed yesterday but that was advertised for 12-4 today. When we arrived at 2:45, the only things left were people rolling up tents. So we just shopped the stores along Main Street and check out the Art District.








my splurge: new earrings!

While I knocked out some work so we could travel back tomorrow morning, Courtney made us dinner!

The rest of the evening: photoshop and uploading and a really early bedtime!


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