Monday, December 21, 2015

Disney Day 6: Studios Afternoon / Evening

All of the park busses showed up at the same time . . . except for Studios.

All our FP were late in the evening, including a viewing of Fantasmic and the new Star Wars Spectacular fireworks show that started only days before. The show was so new, I didn't know about it until we arrived at the park, and it was set for 11:00 p.m. at park close. We already had an early morning planned for our last/travel day, but I couldn't pass it up when there was no guarantee it would still be here when we returned.

We passed by the thousandth little Jedi training of the day and headed for MuppetVision. 



And then returned to ride Star Tours one more time. 


We missed sitting in on the last Indiana Jones show, though. Next time, Jason!



While the boys rode Tower of Terror, I hung out with Sam who wasn't doing it twice. We checked out the new Launch Bay, which was mainly a space for meet and greets with Darth Vadar and Chewbacca. Since it took over Sam's very favorite space in any park (Animation Academy) she wasn't too thrilled to see it turned into a place where you could buy your very own costume for 3-4Gs each. 

We met back up, played around the shops for a bit, and decided our feet weren't up for any more walking. 


We made out way down to the entry to Fantasmic really early thinking we'd just sit until they started letting us line up for the second show, while the first was going on. 

As it turned out, within minutes, they were already queuing us up, so we got right up front in the line into the stadium. It just meant there would be no sitting.

see the silhouette in the rear window of the Tower of Terror?

looks empty in front of us, but there are thousands behind us!

We could hear the first show as we waited, then watched the 8K people leave before we were let in. 

Got GREAT seats in the very center and watched the rest of the stadium fill to capacity.




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