Friday, December 18, 2015

Disney Day 3 Magic Kingdom Morning

Magic Kingdom Friday was a rainy affair. It was the only time we broke out the umbrellas all week, but it was much appreciated since it heralded the cool front that would make the weekend a bit more bearable. 

2015 & 2004
with the Right Honorable Christopher George Weaver, Mayor of Main Street U.S.A.

palm trees have grown up a bit between '02 and '15!


2000 & 2015

Some shots from PotC

2006 & 2015 hat selection at Pirates has changed 


And since we were already wet, we were game for Splash Mountain again

And Big Thunder

Jason's first trip also meant revisiting places we tend to skip. But we'd never done the Jungle Cruise with its Christmas overlay, and we got a really good guide. AND she recognized our vintage shirts and called us out on them. Props to Megan!

By that point we were ready for lunch so we gave the new Pecos Bill's a try. They'd recently switched to a Mexican menu from their standard burgers, which vexed Bob greatly . . .  until he spotted the Southwestern Burger on the menu and then all was forgiven. The fixin's bar that once had mushrooms and liquid pseudo-cheese for burger toppings now sports all manner of salsas and guacamole. YUM.

(2004 & 2015)

And, in the vein of rides we've only done once, we rode It's a Small World and I shot scads of photos for some reason. It doesn't feel so small with all those rooms and rooms and rooms of dolls!

Next up: Philharmagic



last ride before the parade: Space Mountain



Up next: Festival of Fantasy Parade (new this trip!)


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