Sunday, December 20, 2015

Disney Day 4: Epcot

Dagnabit, I am GOING to get these Disney posts done before the week is out!

Saturday morning before we took off for Epcot, Nick and went over to the Football section, where we were supposed to be staying, to at least get a few photos him with the gigantic icons.

To Epcot!

Sam doesn't look too happy because she's feeling crappy

We met up with Bill and Julie to hang out with us for the day. 

We were just picking rides that didn't require any waiting, so we hopped over to the Living Seas

Then we tripped over Baymax, who was doing meet and greets! We had to wait about half an hour and Sam bailed (and Jason followed) so no more pics of them.

After that, we headed into World Showcase to take Snoopy around the world.

First up, Mexico!

To Norway!


Then China

African Outpost



American Adventure




To England!

And look who I finally caught up with!
(Deana was visiting the same week as us)


And finally, Canada

 Here's what I found coming out of the restroom :)

Nice long day, ready to crash back at the resort


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