Thursday, December 17, 2015

Disney Day 2: Studios by Night & Osbourne Lights

We headed to Studios from Animal Kingdom and got there right as the sun had gone down. 

We grabbed a bite at Pizza Planet. It's closed down this week and probably won't return, at least in this spot, so I was glad we had the chance one more time.

in 2000, at the top of Pizza Planet. These outdoor icons have been long gone, probably nearly a decade, and the Toy Story/Pixar area was built on the opposite side of the park, so it makes no sense to have them here. But no word on whether they are just gone or will reappear in the Pixar section.

(no, those aren't all mine.)

We also managed to pass the Speeders without a bunch of people on them, so we snapped our comparison there:



After that, we got what we came for. 

The Osbourne Lights. 

The lights began at the Osbourne family's home in 1986. It grew larger every year, finally resulting in legal action that shut them down in 1995. So, in Christmas 1995, they were moved to the Residential Street area on the Backlot section of Studios. We saw them there our first few trips. 

When they did a remodel in 2005, they were moved to their current area, now called the Streets of America. We've seen them there ever since. 

And this was the final year for them. Disney is yet again adding the park (part of why we keep going back) including an expansion of the Pixar area and the hugely anticipated Star Wars land.  


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