Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

Because I rarely get more than a day or so behind on occassions that include a lot of photos, this feels really strange to be posting about Christmas 2015 18 days in 2016, and knowing me, I will probably sneak back in soon and reaarange the posting dates so everything goes in order.

We arrived back home late on the night of December 22 and Bob took an additional day of work off to go get Katy and Evan from Dumas before the bad weather rolled in for the next few days over Christmas.

Bob texted me this photo on their way back from meeting up with Bob Sr. in Raton. No one knew it would be Katy's last car ride.

We had a quiet Christmas Eve and then Mom and Dad came for a short visit on Christmas Day and we set up the traditional feast. 

Sam drew everyone a present



our lightly White Christmas 

The ever cheerful cat brigade as Christmasy as they get.


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