Sunday, April 1, 2012

3-31-12 let's try that again, shall we?

Whatever the heck happened, the photos that I waited 4 hours to upload (that should have been clue #1, right?) last night turned gigantoid and unviewable, at least by any of my browsers, so we'll try this again.

Take 2, Manitou Springs on Saturday, with pictures you can actually see:

Garden of the Gods Trading Post in the morning

 Hiking the Twins

The Gandalf Stick we found along the way

Going off-trail

Back to the window

I couldn't seem to get enough of the angel wing clouds

Goodbye, Gandalf stick. 

Back at Deana's with Boo (Diddly) and Olivia

D grilling up lunch 

The first floor of D's house

This weekend they had my chocolates!

Stopping by to trade slides with Dad

later afternoon sun

Two Chicks

Downtown Manitou

Pine tree heavy with millions of cones

Deana buying local coffee for breakfast tomorrow

I love the vibe of the coffee shop. The piano player didn't hurt.

Sammi liked the red velvet cupcakes. I liked the "Num Num Mate" which must be some off brand they can't label 
(the Arcade prize)

Appetizers at the Loop before grilling back at home. 

and Jiffy Pop!

and closing out the night with some more Boo love.


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