Friday, April 27, 2012

4-27-12 the tandem fetch problem

So, for a couple of weeks now I've kept the dogs to a strict regimen of fetch. We play with two balls, one thrown for the Katy, the second for Evan, both have to returned to me before we go again. When we return inside, both have be handed over to me in order to get their cookie so I can put them away for next time. Otherwise, they squirrel them away and we have to spend half of play time looking under beds and couches to start the game.

However, I've run into a problem. Katy does not watch the ball. She watches Evan. When I throw it, she takes his cues and has a head start by being behind him. It's typical border collie behavior. But now, after repeating the two ball fetch ritual, Evan has learned he doesn't need to sprint after the first ball I throw and often sits still as I release it. This confuses Katy, who continues to watch him. I, on the other hand, am watching the first ball lay, unattended and unfetched, in the corner of the yard with neither dog able to think about it, because there is still one in my hand. I then am forced to fetch it myself and try again.

Naturally, today I decide to video tape this problem, with the ball whizzing by overhead and both dogs staying put in rapt attention, so they didn't do it.

But they're still awfully stinkin' cute!


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