Saturday, April 21, 2012

4-21-12 Williams Canyon Hike

Deana and I hit the trail today right out of Manitou, at the old Cave of the Winds road, through Williams Canyon. It was a little over four hours round trip and we probably only did about half of it. Will have to start earlier next time!

Boo gets refreshed from the spring water coming out of the rocks.

More invisible springs

a cup nest high up in the branches

the big butterfly in flight is directly above D's head

 tree hugging

the minerals from the spring water leave white traces all over the rocks nearest the source.

Guess which rock has the spring coming out from underneath it?

My art rock -- see the woman in profile from the moss and minerals? 

Chickadee is on the branch at apartment #2 in the threeplex of the tree

the view from where we decided to turn around

and back down the trail we went

trees fallen across the trail are cut away just for us

all along the trail are rock towers. We added a few ourselves.

Boo was lagging by the end

and post four hour hike? The Loop!

Deana cashing in her Deal or No Deal winnings

the church across from D's house where I parked as I was heading home.


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