Monday, April 2, 2012

4-2-12 Meet Tz'u

(the Chinese character for Tz'u)

I found myself with some charming company at my mid-afternoon coffee break.

Tz'u appears to be a new mama (hence the name) and was out and about on her own break, in search of some leafy greens, which she had in abundance in the blooming maple tree outside the window at my desk. She must have stripped two entire branches bare, eating the leaves so fast you could barely keep up with the little chomping jaw action.

She caught my attention leaping from the roof into the tree.

And then she just started working her way down the branch, grabbing every leaf in close proximity.

She watched me as much as I watched her. 
I drank my coffee in between pictures while she enjoyed her salad.

Meanwhile in the branches above, 
we were both being watched by Mrs. Robin.

And the bird/squirrel killer?
Didn't care one bit.
I've been scanning slides in between shooing Bruiser off the top. I think he likes the warmth coupled with the little buzzing sounds and vibrations it makes while it works. When I go to swap out another set, he gets pushed over the couch only to return as soon as the cover is shut again. He lazily looked out the window at Tz'u for all of a minute and went right back to sleep.

After close to an hour, with her belly completely stuffed and well out into the branches where I couldn't take her picture, she waddled back to wherever those babies are waiting. We'll keep an eye out for each other again tomorrow.


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