Thursday, January 10, 2013

1-10-13 just like that...

and he's gone again.


yes, it gets easier. No, it's never fun.

This time was a thousand times better than last semester, when Nick was devastated leaving his girlfriend behind, and we had to put him and me and the entire content of his dorm room into his little car.

We did have the "where is my ______" freak out. His Southwestern sweatpants, the ones issued by his coach and worn by the eleven teammates together to events had disappeared. Nick drove over to the Rec center after exhausting all other options and found them in the L&F. Crisis averted.

The whole thing took less than an hour, even with a basket of unfolded laundry that I suspect never really got folded at all. I made him peanut and butter sandwiches, packed chips, water bottles, and brownies, and thought about the million school lunches I'd made him, when it felt like it would never end. 

Life just happens so fast in between the slowed-to-a-crawl feelings.

One last  picture with mom

and D-3bow is on his way back to Texas. I love you, Nick, 
and started missing you before you were out of the driveway.

(it doesn't say anything about sighing, though...)


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