Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1/29/13 snow walking

Yesterday morning, the skies were blue and the hills dry.

But over the mountains loomed a whole lot of clouds.

By yesterday evening, we set out with just a few flakes in the air

But it got heavier and heavier, very quickly

And I learned a sweatshirt gets soaked a lot faster than you expect.

This morning, with several inches on the ground, but no more falling

And one of us was a lot more bundled up this time. Too much, as it turns out. Four layers was overkill. I did have to keep stopping and getting the ice out of between the pads of Evan's paws.  And with my gloves clipped on the sleeve of my coat, as I'd pull out the little ice pellets, some of them would fall into the fingers. After the last time, it wasn't worth pulling the glove back on, since it was a whole colder inside the glove than out. He's getting snow boots, soon.

Looking up our hill from the dog park


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