Friday, January 11, 2013

1-11-13 ITunes 11

I finally let Itunes update. I am usually too impatient to bother, but for some reason, a number of my songs were cutting off at the 4:00 mark and the best fix I could find involved updating and then moving the xml library and reimporting my files. It seems to have worked. 

But I decided to do this at version 11, when everything familiar about the klunky old interface has been revamped. I like it for the most part. But there are a few quirks that I don't understand.

The new layout, in Albums, has alerted me to the alarming number of songs my kids have bought that reside on my Itunes without welcome. I am in the process of deleting most of them, but if you see any hip hop below, it's not mine. Ditto anything from Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, Taylor Swift, Camp Rock, or Katy Perry.

And the new layout in Albums doesn't seem to be capable of understanding that I only need a single album of... an album.  It really can't handle compilations.

There is one single disk CD of The Best of Bach,  but there are 10 icons, 9 of which I had to manually add as the artwork because Itunes informed me that it couldn't find any -- but it still put an album cover on one track? How is that possible? Even if it's the wrong cover art, it's the same album. 

My Billy Joel Complete Hits does have four volumes and four CDs, unlike the Bach. But there are four icons above because the third one is only Baby Grand (Billy  Joel/Ray Charles). It seems that, because he has a duet on this track, it needs to be its own album. And Disc 1 has disappeared. 

And speaking of Ray, lord help you if you have his Genius Loves Company album. Itunes will make every track with a different duet partner a separate album (whose artwork you'll have to find and import yourself, even though they sell the album in their store. What?)

And yes, I am undertaking to replace all the gray eighth note covers with their respective artwork. I'm up to "O" in the library this evening, in fact. And lookee here: one album, 16 tracks, 10 of which Itunes can "find" artwork for and 6 where it can't. What gives?


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