Friday, January 18, 2013

1-18-13 Enter the IPhone

Samantha started the push last month. We were out of our contract and going month to month, which qualified us for a lot of perks if we recommitted to Verizon, including four free IPhone 4s. I ignored. She persisted. And then she took the fight to Bob, who is much more of a sucker. 

Yesterday, I had lunch with Tanya, while Sam came home with Erin. They had gone back to school when I returned. A few things to note:

1. I always lock the front door by the dead bolt. 
2. This is the one day in the entire school year that I haven't taken Sam back to school after lunch myself.
3. Sam, who has a key and could turn around the lock the deadbolt, chose instead to flip the door knob lock as she left.
4. Katy barks and whines and growls like crazy when the doorbell rings and/or anyone is at the front door that she doesn't know.
5. She doesn't know the FedEx guy.
6. You have to sign for IPhones from the FedEx guy. 

So I run downstairs in my socks to answer the doorbell, push Katy out of the way, step out on the porch, and close the door behind me to sign for the phones. 

It is only then that I realize Sam has just locked me out of the house. I'm not taking the fall for this time, no sir.

The FedEx guy is trying not to laugh and asks if he can help (assuming that would entail using his cell phone, since the four I am holding the box aren't very useful.) 

I tell him the back door is open and I'll just get in that way and proceed to walk over very sharp, pointy rocks in my socks to get there, thinking, "Did Sam lock the backdoor when she left?" 

Thus the IPhone memorably arrived at the Mask house.

There were four identical phones in the box, but each was already assigned to our respective numbers. Wouldn't you think there would be some way to tell which phone was which number? There wasn't. So I opened one and thought I'd get it going and get it to tell me which number it was. Nope. 

You could tell Sam was hot for these, since she got home and immediately went to work on activating the one I had opened and not figured out. She got further than I did, to discover that I had hit the one in four shot I had of blindly picking my own phone. I should've headed to the grocery store for lotto numbers at that point.

Bob got home and called Verizon and got past the "We're sorry. There was a problem activating your phone." His set up right away. Then Sam took the phone to get talked through her set-up and, sure enough, Miss Electricaltoxicity had problems. But after a few more tries, we were in business. 

At which point, Sam downloaded DrawSomething onto my phone, and we started playing. Who needs to mess with contacts and settings and email when you can draw the word Gangham for your daughter to guess?

First IPhone picture taken is, fittingly, of the IPhones.


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