Sunday, January 13, 2013

1-13-13 The K Cup Conundrum

At Sam's yesterday:

So for Donut House Coffee, I can get 80 K-cups for 36.89, so each cup of coffee is costing me .47 cents.

Or I can get 135 cups of Dunkin Donuts coffee for $17.40, so each cup of coffee costs me .13 cents.

Since I've tasted both, I can say with certainty, paying 3.62 times more for each K-cup is so not worth it. 

Plus, what a waste of. . .  waste. 80 of those little plastic cups and foil tops and the box to throw away versus one bag? Is dumping out the coffee and washing out the filter really that much of a bother? 


At least not for me, especially when the machines are also considerably more expensive. 

But nearly 20% of last year's market share went to single-cup coffee makers and it shows no sign of slowing. That doesn't bode well for landfills or our pocketbooks.


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