Monday, September 16, 2013

9/15/13 The Clock Tower Set

The Denver Clock Tower was the corner piece of a large department store, Daniels & Fisher, constructed in 1910. You can see some of the historic photographs of the grand building from the Denver Public Library's collection here

D&F was bought out by May, who also gobbled up Foley's, and in turn May was gobbled up by Macy's. There's always a bigger fish. Anyway, since May already had a department store building, the place was shuttered in 1958, which means what you see in this Twilight Zone episode  is pretty much what the grand place looked like in its last days. (Okay, not with the come-to-life mannequins . . .  probably. But still. Also, little trivia, that $25 thimble she buys converts to nearly $200 today. Yikes.)

In the 1970s, in the name of progress, the whole thing was demolished. The whole thing except, that is, the 21 story tower, that was once Denver's first skyscraper and boasted views 200 miles in any direction. The historians prevailed on the city to preserve the tower, and in the 1980s it was converted into offices and, eventually, shops. The top four floors, 17-21 (which is in the top-top of the tower piece and really scary to climb) are now home to Clock Tower Events, a lovely space for small weddings, receptions, and parties. The event coordinator for Clock Tower Events? That'd be Jessie, who Sam is shadowing for her senior project and who generously gave us access for some senior portraits on a very rainy, dreary Sunday.

Here are some of my favorites from the 150 picture set:

We also found two unopened bottles of champagne still chilled behind the bar that needed to be included as we wrapped our shoot. 

 A few more in collage form:


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