Saturday, September 7, 2013

9/7/13 Southwestern University Pirate Football Returns

Since the fall of 1950, there has not been a game by the Southwestern Football team.

Since the fall of 2010, Nick has waited to play again. For 18 months, he's been an SU Pirate counting down to this day.

So, naturally, we had another 40 minute delay thanks to lightning strikes right before game time. 

But once we were allowed into the stands, the atmosphere cleared and the stadium filled with black and gold while the sky lit up with a double rainbow directly overhead.

Nick was walking on air at warm-ups
And the first player to run on the field for the first game in 63 years? That'd be Nick.

Heh, he'd mentioned now that he didn't have to be the restrained QB, the eye black was going to turn into war paint. 

The Georgetown Sheriff sang our National Anthem

Captains out for the toss


 And, finally... Pirates football was off and running.

Nick's first crouch, as the Methodists square off against the Lutherans. 

Nick said his man, #78, was cracking him up all game, chatting and asking him questions. "How old are you?" "20" "You don't play like you're just 20!"

Anytime Nick was on the sidelines, all I had to do was spot Coach Austin or Coach Eboh and Nick was never a yard away. 

Nick's first tackle on the books. 

Nick and Justin, who was on the Coaches show and the co-captain at the scrimmage together, are both Defensive Ends, and good buddies. At one point after Justin got the sack, Nick started spooning out of an imaginary bowl and Justin started eating it up. Hams, the both of them.

Nick got the tackle, and immediately disappeared underneath everybody else.

Hey clock guys? Second quarter . . .  +7? 

Nick is also on special teams in punt return 

Nick and Brou both getting pressure on the senior #7 QB for the Bulldogs

Another tackle for Nick

Marci and I hanging out at halftime. How lovely is it that my best friend can share this historic game with me? (Not to mention airport rides, a great place to stay so close to Georgetown, lending us your truck, getting Round Rock donuts for breakfast -- thank you Ren! -- real Tex-Mex for lunch, driving us through Whataburger at midnight, etc, etc.)

Back out for the second half

Nick pumping up the crowd to be noisy

His last stop of the night, right at the goal line. 

After three weeks of learning a new position after a decade on the other side of the ball, Nick ended the night with some pretty sweet stats: one game played, six tackles to his name.

The Southwestern of the game with, you know, pesky things like the score, is here

Want to relive the the whole game with a few shout-outs to Nick from the commentary?
Find it here. (I've noted minute 49, again at 1:08, and 1:24 for Nick notes so far, listening to the game as I've been uploading pictures but that's only up to the half.)

A tweet from President Burger with a picture of the SU stands. With over 5800 in attendance, it's an SCAC single game attendance record.


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