Monday, September 9, 2013

9/8/13 The Salt Lick Sendoff

Farewell, Texas, again, although not for terribly long, since I'm back in Houston in ten more days; but farewell Austin, at least for another year. 

We met up with Nick, who'd been up most of the night, had field duty at noon, and team lifting and meetings after three, but still made time to break bread with us before we left. 

We won't see him again until Thanksgiving, so we feasted at Salt Lick together.

This seems to be the only place that still serves beef ribs the way I remember them from childhood, when Dad and I would get a platter of them to share at Brown Sugar's BBQ in Houston, across from Almeda Mall, tucked back near Wolfe's nursery, before they moved locations. (I'm pretty sure in 1980 two ribs weren't $20, either.) We'd go through the entire paper towel roll on the table getting Texas-sized messy. That's a mark of a good beef rib -- sauce stretched ear to ear.


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