Friday, September 6, 2013

9/6/13 Football-eve

All airports should be as easy as Austin. 

Marci picked us up from the front of the airport and whisked us back to her place until Nick was out of classes for the day. We met up for lunch and then over to campus for a tour. This was Bob's first visit.

Nick's apartment on campus is shared with two other guys, so it is definitely not anywhere on the neat scale.

One of Nick's classes is Yoga. 
He had to show me the headstand posture they were working on after the first week.

Outside the apartment on the way across campus 

The etched map in the floor of the Commons

The Chapel, and a student on a Pirate Bike, the communal pick up and go yellow bikes you leave at the door of your building for any other Pirate's use.

Inside the gym

Walking over to the new facility that just opened this past month.

Nick in the Coaches offices. We had a chance to chat briefly with both Coach Ross, the D-line master, and Coach Austin. Both had very nice things to say about Nick. Nick has now figured out, if he wants more positive feedback, visit with the parental units. 

I love all the trees (and the squirrels.)

The seal, onto which no student must step. Even the groundskeepers make a wide berth in their golf carts to avoid it. 

Nick had a team meeting at 3:00 so we came back to Marci's (me driving that giant truck again) to cool off and change before getting back to Georgetown square for the community pep rally.

This one was from Bob's phone, snapped while we worked out where to meet up later. 
(Love that we're both opened mouth at the same time.)

We drove around town for a while and I snapped a picture of my favorite house. Later that night, Nick mentions this awesome house he wants to own some day. I pulled up the picture and, yep, same house.

We pulled up by the practice fields (which Nick paints) to watch some of the walk-through.

The coach talk the night before the first game in 63 years. No pressure. 

And then we headed out to the most important part of the day: pie.

Monument Cafe: five stars

By the way, also very yummy chicken fried steak, fried pickles and fresh tomato dressing, and fruit salad. Can't speak to the fried okra, which was the fresh daily special, as they ran out right before we got there. But the pie. My lord, the Monument pie was just incredible. Real whipped cream, crushed local pecans, homemade pastry crust, and the most delectable chocolate. Sugar rush just typing that sentence.


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