Thursday, September 5, 2013

9/5/13 Sammi's 18th

So, you'll notice a few costume changes in these pictures. 

We've been "doing" Sam's birthday all week long.

I picked up the cookie cake on Sunday, but the decorator was already gone for the day.

So the personalization was done by yours truly, who is clearly not a cake decorator.

That's a double cookie with another layer of icing in between the two. There's a little left tonight for her actual birthday, and I haven't had a bite. The cookie monsters around here are fierce. 

On Tuesday, Sam opened her first present, The Help on DVD, which we then watched together. 

On Wednesday, Sam went to Target with Bob to get the greek yogurt I'd forgotten and came home with a purse and wallet. Her birthday was more like Hanukkah this time around.

This morning, Bob brought her King Soopers donuts, which, naturally, needed candles, too. 


She'd also already received her presents (shoes!) from Mom and Dad the last time we were down there. She's showing off her new boots here that she had to wear to school today, despite it being mighty warm.

So, tonight, she still had to unwrap  the couple of presents I'd actually put away for her as the last of the haul. 

Sam reading her birthday letter from me. 

And since dinner and the movie was Sam's choice, the two of us gathered around the coffee table for Chinese food and popped in Men in Black

Happiest of Birthdays, my sweet Sammi.


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