Monday, January 13, 2014

1/13/14 Disney Comparison Photo Project

I am still finding these as I review, but here is the bulk of them.

In some cases we had a reference to give us some guidance on angles and lighting and positioning. In some of those cases, we actually got it right. In others, we were still way off. In others, we remembered taking a picture and tried to reconstruct it from memory. In still others, we had the reference and when we went to take the photo, the queue or model or area had changed so drastically, nothing could be done to quite  match it. You can see how we did below

They may seem strangely ordered, but that's mostly because I alphabetically renamed copies of the photos from past years and this batch to keep them together in a folder. Several hundred IMG_#### files don't sort well to remember what you've done and what you haven't.


  1. Linked here from the DISBoards, this is so awesome!

    1. thank you!! We are returning this December and I now have an older iphone functioning as our "reference photo album" so we can try to get more with the same angles and faces :)