Saturday, January 11, 2014

1/2/14 Day 2, Part 1 of Disney World, 2014 at the Magic Kingdom

Arriving at the Magic Kingdom 40 minutes before the park opens. Hard core!

The fog was intense, as my flash illuminates. That cast member in gold walking away from us (and toward all the sheeple who think only one side of the turnstiles will be opening) is going to select the First Family for the park opening. Sadly, when our kids were the right age, we were never there early enough to be picked. The family had been on our bus from the French Quarter and had two little boys who looked to be 4 and 6. 

Even being first through the turnstiles and right at the front, I'm not willing to push and run to get anywhere. Too much to soak in, especially in this fog!

Loved the spooky look of the castle in the cloud

 purple-skied Tomorrowland and straight on to:

This trip was our first utlizing the new Magic Band system, which allows guests staying at a Disney resort to pre-select 3 Fast Passes a day. Currently, you have to select only a single park, even if you park hop to another later in the day, and must select three. There are all kinds of problems with the new system, compared to the old, that has people up in arms over the changes, but we found the system worked well enough for us not to garner many complaints. We had a FP set for Space Mountain this evening, but getting in at rope drop and riding without a wait first thing meant we could enjoy it twice without any standby time.

we caught Stitch outside of Space Mountain on our way to Buzz Lightyear

we left Tomorrowland for a foggy Fantasyland and the new expansion which the kids had not yet seen (we took it in back in April)

After we shared a cinnamon bun and coffee in Gaston's Tavern, we rode Ariel and then headed over to Splash Mountain to ride before it was taken offline for refurbishment for the next 6 weeks. I opted to stow my camera and just use the phone here. But I gave Bob a small, focus-free camera and he took a couple as well.

Us getting on Pirates right before the guy yells "NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY!" at Bob. 
Dude, everyone is still sitting down. Relax.

Peter Pan FP+

Philharmagic 3D Show


We were about 15 minutes ahead of schedule for our lunch time, so we roamed around Gaston's area

There was an option to book a separate fast pass for a lunch time meal at the new Be Our Guest restaurant in the new Fastasyland and pre-order from the menu. I'd been checking every morning until the January time slots became available and hopped on one as soon as they became available. The wait times to get into this place are incredible. We walked past an hour long wait line of people and were in the castle picking out our table among the three rooms in under five minutes.

They use the Magicbands to locate you at the table you've selected and bring your order in these individual serving carts. 

We stuffed ourselves at lunch, thanks to a 1/4 of cinnamon bun apiece for breakfast, but by that time we'd been in the park for 6 hours and were ready for a nap. We headed back to our room for the afternoon, with plans to return at night and stay until the park closed at 1 a.m.

to be continued...


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