Sunday, January 12, 2014

1/5/14 Day 5 Disney World 2014, Epcot

Sunday a week ago, we started out bright eyed and bushy-tailed and later than we usually ever would, but our first FP+ was scheduled for 9:30, so we took our time. 

We got in to the park, behind what seemed like 8 million Brazilian tour groups, and headed straight over to Soarin.

 We asked to ride in the top row this time, which meant we would wait for one round. Since the cast member had a single extra spot, she asked Sam if she wanted to ride twice. Why not?

We hopped off the ride at 10:00 which is exactly when we'd planned to meet up with John and John who were spending the day going around the World Showcase with us, just like they had last April for Bob's birthday.

We got in line for Test Track, pretty much the only long standby line we did the entire week, but since we were so busy catching up and chatting, no one really even noticed the time. The ride even broke down and stopped the line for another 20 minutes, but no worries.

They have completely redone the queue since we last rode. You get to design your own car that travels with you on the ride and gets scored in all the areas. Sam went totally environmentally friendly.

Nick, however, did not.

We so were not ready for the photograph. The plan was for all of us to put up our hands, but after we did and there was no flash, I looked over and Bob confused, which apparently was exactly when the photograph was taken. Only John still has his hands up.

In the end, Sam's and Nick's cars came in exactly even with a score of 198.

After that we grabbed a bite to eat in Mexico and started our tour.

One of the things I wanted to collect in each country was the pressed penny of Mickey wearing the country's hat. This is the only picture we got of us doing it in Mexico, but we managed to find the machines in every country except Italy, which, also, had no hats -- the other quest for our countries tour.


also in Norway, that ridiculously long character meet and greet for Anna and Elsa. And NO dresses to be found in Sam's size.

we also shared a Viking Hat Chocolate Mousse. Our picture didn't turn out, but John's picture of us taking a picture did. 


African Outpost (yes, we have an entire continent represented as a tiny stop in between China and Germany)

sadly, the chicken hats available last April are all gone

Hatless Italy, but they do have soe very yummy gelato!

The American Adventure

This pavilion was Nick's favorite. He says, "Now I see why we never went back in here. I'd have never left!"

Best we could do for Japan hats

Saki Bar

Sam really liked the section on Japanese Art. I was partial to the Moon Rabbit

Japanese drummers at the front of the pavilion

Morocco has the fez hats back!

And the Tangerine Cafe's lamb schwarma plate for a snack

Bob and his Sultan Slushie

Street Performers in France

Grey Goose Slushy in France


and, oh, so many amazing desserts. If you do sweets anywhere in World Showcase, this is the place.

Nick strikes a post in the UK

but this was the best we could do for British hats in the whole pavilion

Canada hats, attempt #1, just the three of us (the store required stairs to be climbed)

Hats, part 2, back down at the cart

It was getting dark, but since we'd never ridden Journey into Your Imagination with Figment, it was determined this was something we absolutely must do. 

I'm beginning to think a lot of drugs were consumed in the making of this ride.

On the way out, we hopped on Spaceship Earth, since I've never been to Epcot without riding it.

Said goodbye to the John's on the way out. At least Bob still had some energy.

The rest of us, however, were done for!


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