Sunday, January 12, 2014

1/6/14 Day 6 Disney World 2014, Hollywood Studios

We called bell services to come pick up all of our luggage from our room Monday morning to get it sent over to the Polynesian for the last night of our stay. 

Then we headed out for one more visit to our second favorite park, Hollywood Studios.

It was time to hit Rock'n Roller Coaster again and see if I could get the ride photo this time around. 

yup, we asked to wait for the front

just not set up well to get a picture of the picture, but here we are!

After we got off RnR, we grabbed two sets of two old FP from the machines and I got Sam to pose with one. These are schedule to be removed from Magic Kingdom this week and they're already covered and going away at Animal Kingdom. 

Nick's beard was getting longer after the week and amount of red in it is really striking. 

While we left the boys to enjoy Tower of Terror twice, Sam and I got over to the Animation Academy.


after I got home, I pulled out the scrapbook from a deacde ago, when we first attended Animation Academy, in 2004. We'd done Donald Duck then, too. 

Check out ten years of drawing difference (Sam's is closest to the right, mine is small in the center):

Afterward, we looked again for an Anna dress, but only came up with Rapunzel's in her size.

we played around near Toy Story, where our next FP+ was, while we waited on the guys

those sound AWFUL.

Meanwhile on Tower of Terror...

I got to play Nick this time. I lost. 

the boy needed nourishment BEFORE lunch, so we stopped at Pizza Planet

and then took in Muppetvision

Of course, in the row in front of us, two teenagers had plopped down directly center, with no one in all the seats to their far side. We got a good laugh out of the drill sergeant Dad who marched in behind them and ordered them up. "Move ALL THE WAY DOWN BOYS. Let's GO." and stood over them until they moved. 

Nick was quite put-out they never had this around when he was little, since he was a HUGE Star Wars fan. He dressed up as a Jedi for Halloween, knew all the movies (even the new ones) by heart, and had a giant collection of Star Wars toys, bedding, curtains, you name it. He decided he should go in and lobby to be the Anakin who steps in and kills all the younglings at the end of the show, for a nice twist. Just a little bitter. 

We decided to sit for the Indiana Jones show, which we hadn't done since our first trip in 2000. Back then, Bob volunteered to be an extra, and when the main character (who was Harrison Ford's stunt double) drops out of the ceiling on a rope and runs through all kinds of dangers, five-year old Samantha leaned over to me and asked, "Is that DAD?" LOL. Good memories. The show was fun, and Nick and Sam hadn't remembered it, except the bits from our home video. They were impressed.

Once that was over, our time for Star Tour was finally opened. 

After that, we were ready to leave the park and get over the the Polynesian to complete check in and look around the resort before our dinner there at 'Ohana. We did note, on catching the Poly bus (shared with the Contemporary and Grand Floridian), that the deluxe resorts were getting the brand new buses, as well. 

up next: The stay at the Polynesian


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