Sunday, January 12, 2014

1/3/14 Day 3, Part 2 of Disney World, 2014 at Hollywood Studios at Night

We were back for the night shift at 6:00 again and the temps were in the 40°s, which was fine by us. 

 We hit up our last of the three scheduled FP+ on Tower of Terror first. I love this one. Sam, however, has a fear of elevators, so a ride designed around a free-falling one isn't at the top of her list. She decided she wanted to ride anyway. Trooper.

Bob kept making little videos on his phone to post. Here he is with Nick at the Big Hat Party.

We were wandering through stores looking for a particular Monsters Inc. hat, caught a bit of the Osbourne Lights, which we all agreed are must more exciting when Christmas is still coming and not over. 

We had no luck on the hat, but were told we might have more lucj at Animal Kingdom where they were showing some in stock. Since we were going there the next day, we gave up the search and went to get our last ride, those old style Fast Passes we'd pulled 12 hours earlier. Imagine our surprise when we realized the Fast Pass line was out the door, down the street, and around the corner! It took 20 minutes to get inside and I think the entire park was in that line. 

 While in line, wearing gloves, I pulled my phone out and it slipped straight to the ground and shattered. Awesome. Cue irritation discussion. By the time we got up to the ride, we'd sorted things out and were back on track. 

We headed over to the third showing of Fantasmic of the night at 10:00, which is when the park closes. To our amazement, there were barely any people there. The stadium stayed almost empty, only the two center sections had anyone in them. We've never been when the entire stadium wasn't full. I guess 40° temps really are too much for some folks. 

 only half of the lagoon went on fire. Cutbacks?

Jay mentioned the steamboat listing as one of the "next to fix" on the list. I'd have never noticed it unless he said something.

on the way out for the night!


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