Sunday, January 12, 2014

1/7/14 Post 1700 and Day 7, Our Final Day at Walt Disney World 2014

Our final morning was spent at the Magic Kingdom, as always. After breakfast at the Poly, we hopped the monorail and enjoyed a last few hours. 

Sammi waving for the goodbye tour

Nick scanning into the park

One last Space Mountain FP+ ride

Push the Talking Trash Can was out amusing guests in Tomorrowland.

The teacups, where I actually remembered the video camera!


Guess who was also interested in the Sorcerers of the MK?

another portal you'd have trouble spotting

while they played, I watched from backstage the Castle show happening up front

Dance Party in Frontierland

Splash Mountain is down for the count

Tired guys -- it was time to go home. 

and Sam managed to finish the first round of her game she started last night.

the obligatory last Castle shot

past the firehouse

past Roy

past that really cool WDW logo they don't use anywhere (still found on the train station)

back to the Poly where we grabbed a bite of lunch before catching the bus back to the airport. 

Sam's hanging head pretty much says it all.

We started the fun on the Magical Express taking a picture together on my phone a week ago:

So it seemed only fitting that's the way we ended it, too. Just a little more exhausted.


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