Saturday, January 25, 2014

Google Picasa Auto Awesome

I wasn't aware that Google was doing this during upload, but apparently it's automatic, unless you go in and turn it off, and adds additional pictures to your album with their magic. 

And yes, they actually do call it "Auto Awesome."

My set of the Castle lighting triggered a number of Auto Awesome versions. One is a twinkle effect:

The other creates a composite animation if it detects multiple shots focused on the same subject.

Once I was aware this was being added, I went in search of others that had been "awesomed" without my knowledge. 

More Twinkles:

I find it interesting of all the snow pictures I've uploaded, only this one was deemed auto-awesome worthy.

And some of their twinkle effects get a little off (note Evan's mouth and the Southwestern shirt far left)

And some get WAY off
Now I'm just hoping the next Auto Awesome filter in the pipeline is booty wiggle:


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