Sunday, January 12, 2014

1/3/14 Day 3, Part 1 of Disney World, 2014 at the Hollywood Studios

After last night's rain, the skies lightened and nice, cool breezes kept us feeling right at home. 

Okay, not really, but we certainly weren't deterred by the cold temps. 

One of the things I noticed happening to our planning was that, now that we had confirmed times to ride some of the more popular things, the crew was quite happy to set the alarm a bit later and not be first to the park. This meant much fuller busses in the morning that we're used to, but more sleep is never a bad thing on these vacations. 

We arrived around 9:00, which is exactly when the park gates open, instead of an hour beforehand. It was a bit slower getting through the gates, but since they tend to let people through the turnstiles 15-20 minutes before rope drop into the park, it wasn't bad. We headed straight to Toy Story to use our room keys to pull an old style Fastpass for the night. Within half an hour of park opening, they will all be gone for the entire day. The popularity of this ride is absolutely insane and completely over the top. There is no ride I would wait two hours for in standby, and waits climb to that very quickly and stay there all day. Our FP time window when I walked up to pull them was 9:10 and the cast member manning the station had to say, "You understand these are for twelve hours from now, correct?" Apparently uninformed guests see the two hour posted wait and the posted FP time and have no idea it's for 12 hours later. I assured him we were good. By our next trip, these machines will be only memories, so it paid to be able to use them a few times on this trip in addition to the paltry three we could choose ahead of time. 

After that, we met up with Jay that morning for breakfast at Starring Rolls. Jay oversees projects in the Magic Kingdom and Studios and he was over here this morning for a meeting before we arrived. Sam would love his job, if she could just get past all the math required for the engineering degree. 

Since we still had a bit of time before our Toy Story FP window, we walked with Jay over to one of his newly installed projects on the Tough to be a Bug playground and we had to pull Bob off the giant ant.

Toy Story, with a five minute wait, infinitely more fun. You get about two minutes to play against your seatmate in about 6 different midway 3D games. Nick always wins the scores posted for the four of us, no matter who goes up 1 to 1 against him. We rode this three times this trip, so each one of us had a turn getting whupped.

We stopped in to One Man's Dream to continue the trip project I'd assigned us. I'd printed a bunch of old pictures I was pretty sure we could recreate so we'd have reference on angles and positions. And we still managed to mess a lot of them up. It was a lot of fun, though, and they turned out great. Blog to follow.

Our next FP was for Rock'n Roller Coaster, so we headed for Sunset Blvd.

 We asked for the front car and had a great ride pic, but I wasn't fast enough getting the camera back out of the backpack to snap it. Next time. 

We had some time before our lunch reservation, so we hit up the Great Movie Ride and, again, asked for the front. Never be afraid to ask nicely and be willing to wait. We've never been turned down.

We got a great tour guide this time, too. 

Lunch was at the place Bob and I first tried last April, the 50s Primetime Cafe. Each area is assigned a waiter, one of your cousins, who calls everybody else at their tables cousins, too. Mom is in the kitchen and has tasked our cousin with making sure we mind our manners, no elbows on the table, etc, and that we eat all our veggies. 

Here are the boys with Cousin Mikey, who was great fun.

Since Nick cleaned his plate (beef stroganoff) he got the dessert menu (on viewfinder)

Since Sam left her greenbeans, she got them on a place with whipped cream instead.

Nick decided he'd help his sister out. 

Mikey brought him a cupcake suashed full with 21 candles and made all the other cousins in our section sign the birthday card. 

After lunch, per necesseity and our park touring strategy, we headed for the room for a nap. But not before posing in the park's signature giant sorcerer hat for Jay, who has never been the biggest fan of these giant Icons eating up space in the park. In his words, nothing says 1930s Hollywood like a giant-ass blue hat!


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