Wednesday, July 13, 2011

7-13-11 Old Days

Fiddling with pictures this evening and as I went looking for one thing in particular, I ended up in a whole different spot and I don't quite remember what I went looking for in the first place now. Oh well . . .

There is only so much awesomeness allowed in one picture, and this one clearly goes over the limit. Dad's pants alone are worth the price of admission. But in the same picture as the TV console with its foil flag flying on the rabbit ears, which is sitting on top of the 8 track player? AND a Pink Panther gumball machine?  Inspired composition, that's what that is.

Love the cars in this one, of me and mammammy walking down our street. It's December and everything is still green. That and my hat.

And this is the one that started all the distraction. There are so many things I forgot about that kitchen. The lovely crazy happy flower wallpaper, the green carpet, the yellow counter tops, the flower magnet on the washer reading "clean" on one side and "dirty" on the other, the paper towel holder mounted about 2 inches off the counter, the pots hanging overhead, the measuring spoons hanging from their little wooden tree . . .  takes me back.


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