Wednesday, July 20, 2011

7-20-11 Post 500

According to my blogger dashboard, this will be Post #500.

It is July 20, 2011.

I went back and looked. And then looked again.

It was June 20, 2009 on the day of my first (three) posts.

13 months to the day.

The first explained περιπλάνηση. 

The second dealt poetry and the parable of the Road Not Taken.

The third was about family.

Nothing like setting a tone, huh?

And today is the day we set out, at least the first leg, of the great camping adventure of 2011 (and the first great camping adventure since a short weekend in Texas -- which doesn't really count -- in 2003.

Before that? 1984.

This is my first camping trip back in the mountains in 27 years.

It's kind of a banner day!

I'm not sure whether there will be any reception in the San Juan mountains at 9000 feet (which is just where the valley lies) so there may be a gap in my dates. So far, honoring the New Year's resolution, I've managed to blog on every day and never miss more than one day by a few hours, even during the week of hospitalization. So . . .  this doesn't count as breaking it. ;)

In honor of all that, I've decided tonight will be another first.

I am going to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

For the first time in my life.

It's true. In 40 years, despite making countless ones for my own kids, I have never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

And it's kind of been this fun little secret. I asked Bob tonight if he knew this about me and he looked at me as though I had lollipops and gumdrops growing out of my ears. "How is that possible?" he asked.

I really don't have a reason, either. I just never ate one. I never had one made for me as a kid. I never thought to want one as an adult. I like peanut butter. I like jelly. Never had an issue with disliking bread. Just never ate all of these ingredients together.

And since I feel the need to kick off this very long awaited camping trip with some kind of token gesture, only to find it coincides with the day of post #500, why not a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

How epic.

Let the adventure begin!


  1. I know I'm a day late but I was going to suggest that you do something even more epic and eat that PB&J with the crust on the bread : )
    I'm desperately trying to think of some things that I've never done or eaten so that I can partake in new exotic tastes.
    Can't wait to hear about your camping trip! Be safe.