Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7-26-11 Camping Comparisons

I had the bright idea to try and recreate some of the shots from previous camping trips, although I think this one is better off left alone. . . (but I still have that rabbit and a coloring book at the ready)

Turns out this was not as easy as it sounded. To really get the shot, I should have printed the older one as a reference instead of relying on memory. Here, the angle is off, I'm sitting up more, my hand isn't holding the book the same way, and the chip bag isn't rotated correctly. Still . . .  this is about 30 years apart in the same hammock, loving BBQ chips, books, jeans, and plaid shirts just the same.

You'll have to click on this one to get it big enough to see. This one was really a challenge. The fire pit is configured differently and the lighting (from the lanterns) is coming from a different angle. Mom and I are both holding the sticks differently and my head is in the mirror position of where it should be. (Of course, I I had tossed my head the other way, I'd resemble Cousin It with a wall of hair over my face.)

Other than that, not too much has changed . . . right?


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