Friday, July 15, 2011

7-15-11 playing in the rain

Timed my outing to get Bob's meds to walk in the rain. And I brought my camera.

This evening's rainbow courtesy of the Target parking lot. See the double?

And then from the parking lot of King Soopers, where Blue Bell was on sale for $3.99 (Dutch Chocolate and Dessert Trio....)

I was traipsing through the grocery store kind of oblivious after staring at that amazing sky, when I realized I was being stared at. Now, a little background -- I forgot about Bob's meds and hopped up to run out without doing more than running a brush through my hair, in crappy jeans and a t-shirt, glasses, and flip flops. So I was amused to catch the guy's eye at the grocery store, who immediately blushed, smiled, and looked away. As much as I'd like to be terribly flattered, the truth is he was most likely reading my t-shirt, which is a play on Back to the Future (McFly's Guitar and Amp Repair, Hill Valley CA, with a nod to This is Spinal Tap with the volume set to 11) and he looked very much like a  guy who would appreciate the 80s references. Still, loved the blush. You made my night, dude. :)


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