Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7-27-11 Around the house

Nick, Clay, and Troy remove the gigantic projection TV from the basement. Nick's room is turning into Sammi's room as he prepares to move to college. First order of business was to get this behemoth gone from the basement. Since Nick is in Texas from today until next Wed., and Sammi's new bedroom furniture, courtesy of Pap and Mimi, is arriving Monday, yesterday had to be TV moving day. 

Check out the big guns on Nick!

They drove it to Pap and Mimi's for storage, since this isn't exactly dorm-friendly electronics. Once he's in his own apartment, he wants it for the living room.

Yesterday also brought the newest member of the family. Meet Bruiser:

Bruiser is Jessie's cat who needed a new home. What's one more? Bruiser, as of today, has not become a fan of the dogs. I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. The dogs, however, are very big fans of Bruiser. They want to know every move this cat makes. Faith seems fine with him. The two of them shared Sammi's room last night peacefully. Fisher, on the other hand, has taken to sulking even more than usual and retreating to corners making that low pathetic moan whenever Bruiser comes into view. Ah, Fisher, my slightly psychotic, seriously schizophrenic, entirely anti-social cat, you should be used to us rocking your world by now.

I realized that we'd neglected to take any pictures of Clay's visit while he was here all week. So, here's Clay this morning as he and Nick are packing up to head for Texas and Clay's house for another week before both guys have to get ready to head for their respective colleges.

 The last time I got a picture of these two together was another, much more emotional leaving, the night before we finally left Navasota for Colorado in 2007. They had just finished 8th grade.

They were out of here by 5:45 this morning for their flight to Houston.

which means I have gone through a second pot of coffee so far this morning ;)

Emily heads home to Oregon later today and our very full, noisy, and fun house will be quieter by half tonight. 


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