Wednesday, July 6, 2011

7-6-11 Zumba!

I finally broke down and tried Zumba after several friends had enthusiastically endorsed it.

We invested in Zumba for our Wii, which at least confines the insanity to the privacy of our own home.

A few first-timer observations:

1. You will not have the first clue how the steps go at first, but it really doesn't matter . . .

2. Because if you are swinging your hips like a madwoman and making an attempt, you are going to be accomplishing what you set out to do. And sweating. Like a madwoman.

3. Your idea of mirroring what's on the screen and your daughter's will inevitably be backwards, which means about half of the time you are Zumba-ing toward-and-into one another laughing hysterically. Again, counting these as calories burned.

40 minutes for our first round, planning on getting to 50 tomorrow night!


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