Friday, July 29, 2011

7-22-11 Around Camp

Around camp midday and Sammi is beginning to get the hang of what we "do": sit and stare and think and read and sit and play with chipmunks and rocks and sit and stare . . . when its chore time there's plenty of activity. When that's over, the relaxation continues.

The best rocks are the ones that change color under water. You reach to grab something purple and come up out of the river with something gray or brown. The completely smooth, jet black ones are my newest obsession.

She almost got out of the shot, but here's one of our hummingbirds making the "red rounds"

I saved the last biscuits from breakfast for the chipmunks.

They don't get any of the Swiss Cake rolls, however. . .

Supine view from the hammock.

We were a cot short but figured the air matress would be just a comfortable. Not so much when the seal ring leaked. We had to re-inflate the thing daily to keep Sammi off the ground. Note also the expertly placed bag of water over the door. This was our small science experiment of the trip. For some unknown reason, this highly debatable method kept the flies out of the tent. Before we hung it Friday morning, we were swatting at half a dozen or more buzzing about. Afterwards, you could usually catch one in a corner. The gnats, on the other hand, didn't give a flip. But they don't buzz around your face and generally congregate around the top of the tent or the light at night, so the only time I was wishing for a gnat repellent was when I had the glow of the laptop in the dark, editing pictures each night.


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