Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7-22-11 Camp Morning

I slept completely submerged in my Slumberjack, like a baby in a womb. It was around 40° when the need to pee outweighed the need to stay warm at 6:00 a.m.

Breakfast was biscuits, bacon, and eggs. Why does everything taste better when you're camping? It is the relaxation? The mountain air? The slowing down of the senses in some way? 

After breakfast, with a pot of water heated on the stove, we could wash our faces. Then the morning beauty ritual could take place at the jeep where we keep the toiletries (bear safety) instead of the tent. The jeep windows make a pretty good mirror. 

As we unpacked yesterday, I kept finding things from childhood that had been converted into camping bags. My favorite was the canvas America Loves Burger King backpack. Of course, I remember it being a lot bigger . . .

The hammocks were hung pretty quickly after breakfast clean up.

Mid-morning we explored a bit of the trail. The trail head into the Weiminuche Wilderness was 20 yards from our campsite. Pretty cool.

Pre-lunch post-exploring hammock time. It was an eventful morning, after all.


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