Sunday, April 21, 2013

4/14/13 Bob's Birthday completed

So, when last I left you, we were hightailing it out of Epcot to go back to the room and freshen up before our dinner reservations at Liberty Tree at 7:40. It turned out that John, John, Chrissy, and Sabre could join us, so we were going to roll the dice and see if they could change our two-top to six or let it go and find another place.

We had just gotten on the monorail when the skies opened. By the time it pulled into the Contemporary, it was over. So after a quick shower and change, we walked over to the MK.

Apparently I was completely zoned out, because I took very few pictures and none at dinner. Thanks to JohnF for filling in the gaps!

The Mickey Birthday Photo

Liberty Tree was wonderful and didn't blink an eye at changing our party of two to six and we only waited about ten minutes. 

John must've been pretty tired, too, since he didn't take any of dinner, just dessert. They brought Bob a cupcake with a candle before the regular dessert. Since Liberty Tree is all you can eat, we had already filled up on turkey, pork, beef, potatoes, mac and cheese, dressing, salad, and rolls, and we still dug into that cake and ice cream.

We all walked over and rode Haunted Mansion before everyone needed to head home (with an hour drive ahead of them) so we called it a day, a glorious, fun, memorable, awesome day.


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