Tuesday, April 23, 2013

4/18/13 The Fluffy Unicorn Backpack

 There were two things that got a ton of comments on this trip.

The first were our name tags.

I bought these as a surprise for our first trip and they were waiting for us in our hotel room when we checked in.

We've worn them faithfully every day of every trip. 

At first, only a few people asked us where we got them. In 2000, they were still available through a couple of online shops. In Disney itself, only the red Mickey badges were anywhere to be found, at Downtown Disney. They were still there in 2002 and then, by 2004, gone completely.

So now that we're a decade out from any of them being sold anywhere, they garner a lot more attention. People asked us one of two things: 1) were we cast members or 2) why were we guests of honor and always followed up, no matter which of those two things they chose, with, "where can I get those?"

And the second item that got even more comments and questions about where I got it, was the Fluffy Uncorn Backpack.

I had cast members and guests shouting "It's so fluffy!!" at me the entire time. The first one happened as I walked into the turnstiles for the very first time. Another CM said, "Can we say that? it's not Disney!" and I smiled and promised I wouldn't tell.

I had people ask to take pictures, and lots more that just took them behind me.

I was asked at least three dozen times where I got it.

And, let's face it, it's just the coolest backpack in the universe.

She made it into ride photos, and restaurants, and everywhere else.

Her portfolio:

Some of her sisters in the airport gift shop (not backpacks)


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