Monday, April 22, 2013

4/17/13 Dinner at 'Ohana

Me grooving on the old school 70s furniture they've put in a corner of the Contemporary as we waited for John to join us for dinner.  

And dinner was going to be at the Polynesian, the other original resort. I'm thinking we may have to plan on this one for the Christmas 2014 trip.

We arrived early so we could explore the big house and some of the grounds.

Well, these two sat and talked while I mostly explored for a good while.

 We pulled up a spot at the Tambu Lounge and tried the Lapu Lapu, complete with pineapple as the glass.

That'd be Myers Dark and 151 in fresh pineapple and orange juice.

I think Bob's face pretty much does it justice.

'Ohana -- not to be confused with O'hana, because it is most definitely NOT an Irish spot was where we ate dinner.

Our view.
(with pineapples in tow)

During dinner there is singing and kids are called up to do a bunch of stuff, although I have to admit I was tuning this out and noshing so much I didn't even think to take any pictures. (Blame the Lapu Lapu.)

It's an all you care to eat fest, that includes pork fried dumplings, Corriander chicken wings, pad Thai noodles, and endless skewers (prepared over an oak fire): Marinated sirloin steak, Asian BBQ pork loin, Mesquite grilled turkey, and shrimp.

 The fire pit of skewlishousness

I had to laugh when the guy asked John if he'd like some more shrimp and proceeded to empty about a dozen off the skewer onto his plate. He had the look Albert Brooks does when the waiter brings him 9 pies in Defending Your Life.

For dessert, which I did manage to remember the camera for, is a banana and caramel bread pudding, which, alone, is worth taking Nick here next time we're visiting. (Umbrella not standard equipment.)


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