Friday, May 18, 2012

5-18-12 Grandmother Homes

This is the only photo I have of my mom and both my grandmothers together, at one of her bridal showers.

I had this grand idea I'd have a post on Mother's Day about my grandmother's homes and my memories of them, but the best laid plans. . . 

Both of their homes in Mexia, a few blocks apart, are still standing.

There's Mammammy's house on Canton:

that's me running up the stairs into the house. I remember the trees mainly, 
and playing the lush, lush grass. 

This is today. It looks like they've added a front interior area because the porch is much smaller. It doesn't help that the Google car made its rounds in winter. But the place seems to have been decently cared for as an realtor's office. It also makes me want to stop in there the next time I'm in Texas. It's a little less odd to ask if I can peek around when it's not someone's home.

Here's an even older photograph, also in winter in a rare snow, where you can see how they've added that front area on the left of the porch.

That little white post you see up there on the left of the porch was a perfect seat:

Meanwhile, over on East Hopkins...

This is the way I remember it, so shiny and white with its two arches.

Just to the left of the above picture was the magnolia tree, long gone now

The magnolia blossoms were featured on the kitchen table.

And those twin arches have stood witness to quite a few Saltsman pictures

(Look at how much bigger the attic vent window is here!)

That side door was the main one I remember using, although at one time the front door was under the arches.

On the front porch under those arches, playing jacks with mom (see the ball?)

MeMaw in the huge backyard with the summer tomatoes.

The backyard chairs, made of metal, and so hot you could bake the back of your thighs in 2.6 seconds on a summer day.

The old picnic table, that was there my whole life

and me in the backyard on the ancient swing set when I'd almost outgrown it. 

Well, let's be honest, I'd play on it again right now, if I could.


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